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What are my design options?

Trim size:

Most novels are printed as trade paperbacks, which range in size from 5.5" x 8.5" to 6" x 9". If your book is longer than 300 pages, we recommend the 6" x 9" size, to keep page count, and therefore cost, to a minimum. If your book is significantly shorter than 300 pages, a smaller trim size will give you more pages for a more substantial book.

We offer three trim sizes:

If you need a different size, please ask. We can make adjustments, but it might cost a little more.


All of the fonts we use are InDesign fonts made especially for printed books. Our recommended fonts for the text of your book are:

For display fonts, used for your title, author name, etc., we are a lot more flexible. For instance, if your cover designer has used a particular font on the cover, we can use the same font for the title page and half title page.

If there is a particular display font you want to use, let us know.

Headers, footers, and page numbers

Page layout for novels is pretty straightforward. Here are your options:

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