raqoon design


what we do…

raqoon design produces interior files and cover files that are ready to upload to a digital printer like CreateSpace or Lightning Source.

how we do it…

We use Adobe’s InDesign, a professional typesetting program, to produce the interior file. Word processors were never meant for creating a printed book, with proper kerning, tracking, and hyphenation. InDesign will produce an interior file equal in quality to traditionally published books.

Using a cover template provided by CreateSpace and/or Lightning Source, we will prepare a cover file (front cover, back cover, and spine) to upload. You will need to supply a front cover. If you don’t have one, we can put something together for you, but we’re not graphic artists. A professional cover design is a good investment!

what it costs…

Our base rate is $1 per page for the interior file, so if your finished file is 300 pages, your cost will be $300. If your book requires complex formatting, for poetry, recipes, journal entries, etc. it might cost a bit more. Once we see your file, we will give you an accurate quote.

Note that we do not do “book design”. Book designers can charge $5 per page or more, and so they are willing to go back and forth with you about various elements of the design. We offer a standard set of fonts and a choice of layouts and sizes. We will mock up the first chapter or two, so you can see how it will look.

To put a cover together using a front cover image you provide will cost $50.

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